My Natural Baby Birth

I can do hard things

Confident Mother Birthing Course

Having been in your shoes three times before, wanting to have a natural birth can seem COMPLETELY overwhelming.  

Society today has convinced us that we're broken.  But you're NOT!

Here you're going to learn everything that will set you up for having the best chances towards the natural birth that you desire.  

It doesn't take a biology degree or a 'perfect' body to have all the tools and skills developed necessary for your natural birth.  

You were BORN with everything you need.  

Be sure to join the Facebook group with all the other mothers going through the course.  You'll find the link in the Course Introduction lesson.  

You're a wonderful mother to take charge of her birth.  You're going to do great things!




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Lessons in this Course

Module 1

Let me walk you through things

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Course Introduction

A welcome and a brief overview of the entire course.  See the Lesson Notes for more.

Believe Your Body - Introduction

What we'll discuss in this section about overcoming your fears and making your mind strong for your birth.

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Believe Your Body - Face, Examine, Accept

The first steps in becoming fearless about your birth are facing, examining, and accepting your fears. 

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Believe Your Body - Doing Your Research

You cannot know the facts behind your fears without first doing the necessary research.  

Believe Your Body - Listening, Emotions, Stop, Smile

Now we'll get into the good part about overcoming your fears by reflecting and focusing on the positive. 

Breathe Your Body - Introduction

Introduction to the next section of conquering the tension with your mind.

Breathe Your Body - Focus & Breathing

This lesson will teach you the proper type of focus and breathing during labor.

Breathe Your Body - Relaxation Techniques & Methods

Watch this video for all of the best relaxation methods to perfect. 

Build Your Body - Introduction

This video will summarize what you're going to learn about building your body the best way for pregnancy and birth.

Build Your Body - Diet

Minimizing pain and optimizing strong starts with what you're eating.  


Build Your Body - Exercise & Rest

The main part of building strength is how you exercise and the consistency for it.  

Benefit Your Body - Introduction

This lesson will review all the extra benefits you can add to your knowledge and practice for added preparation for birth.

Benefit Your Body - Pregnancy

Know the important issues you'll deal with during pregnancy. 

Benefit Your Body - Labor & Birth

Make sure you know what is going to happen during this momentous process of birth.

Benefit Your Body - After Birth Care

When all is said and done, have you forgotten learning about bringing that baby home?

BONUS Resources

All the extras to make your experience wonderful!

Sarah's Natural Baby Birth Story #1

Here I share the story of my first natural birth, the minor interventions and how everything went.

Sarah's Natural Baby Birth Story #2

Listen to the easiest, most calm birth I've had, and how I made it happen.

Sarah's Natural Baby Birth Story #3

Here is my most recent birth story for you, the most powerful one yet!

Sarah Prince

Natural Birthing Mother
I'm a 30 something mother of three little boys, enjoy getting out and relaxing, crave dark chocolate, and am always striving to better every aspect of my life. Having three natural births created an empowering fulfillment in my life and I want you to experience that too.